We are interaction designers, creative technologists, and researchers, all of whom believe that understanding people is the key to discovering innovative solutions.

Liam Bray

Director of Creative Technology

Liam specialises in the application of unique hardware installations for pervasive computing, tangible interaction and immersive environments. His portfolio of work includes projects with Ford, Melbourne Zoo and VIVO, with a focus on public interactive art, educational games, and commercial installations. Liam is also a Lecturer in Artificial intelligence and Design at The University of Sydney, where he is the program director of Design Programming. He is currently completing his PhD thesis on human-centred AI.

Hamish Henderson

Director of Interaction Design

With over 10 years of professional experience spanning several domains, including construction, travel, enterprise technology, transport, real estate, retail and consumer electronics. His portfolio of work includes projects with Sydney Trains, Bunnings, Nestle and PayPal. Hamish is also a Lecturer, teaching interaction design at both UTS and the University of Sydney. At The University of Sydney, he is currently carrying out a PhD thesis on socio-technical systems for urban environments.

Madeleine Borthwick

Director of User Experience Design

Madeline has designed creative multimedia for museums and visitor centres for the past 10 years. Her portfolio of work includes projects for the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the London Science Museum, the Konya Science Centre in Turkey, the new WA Museum in Perth and Museums Victoria. She holds a Master of Interaction Design and a Bachelor of Industrial Design. Madeleine Borthwick is also a Lecturer at The University of Sydney, where she teaches User Experience Design and Design Thinking.

Rob Dongas

Technical Director

He is a creative programmer who specialises in leading-edge web technologies, network technologies and virtual reality/mixed reality applications. Rob is also a Lecturer and Digital Design Coordinator at the University of Sydney, teaching web design and technologies and carrying out digital initiatives for the School of Architecture, Design and Planning. He is currently carrying out a PhD thesis on the application of virtual and augmented reality environments to facilitate learning.

Giselle Gray

Studio Lead

Giselle is a business development and operations manager with a strong focus on improving and building great user and customer experiences. Giselle is also a trained UX designer with experience in the web development space.

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